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2029 Online Hacks

2029 Online is an innovative MMORPG by IGG that combines RTS (Real Time Strategy) tactics and social interaction to enhance its gameplay. The player is allowed to create a character by selecting from one of the three available races and a gender to suit. A static avatar can be selected from a sizable selection to help players differentiate their character from others. The game’s story unfolds on an alien planet named Helen Continent, where different cultures struggle for survival. 2029 Online’s great user interface promotes and allows for great social interaction and a rich gaming experience. Like most free MMORPGs, character diversity is unfortunately quite limited, as players are allowed to choose between only three different races.

>   Gold Hack v2.0
>   Unlimited HP/MP v2.5
  2029 Online Auto Bot v2.0.1
>   2029 Online Membership Hack v1.1

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